Limited Edition Xbox Series X Halo Infinite Console Pre-Order Guide


This November marks the 20th anniversary of the launch of the original Halo, և Microsoft և 343 Industries is set to celebrate. The Halo Infinite Xbox Series X և limited edition Elite Series 2 will be available soon.

Microsoft unveiled its new Xbox suite at Gamescom Opening Night Live on August 25.

The panel և controller has a completely new Halo-themed design wrapped in a dark metal lining complemented by iridium gold. Not only that, it also turns on and off with Halo-themed sounds that are similar to the Halo 4 Xbox 360 console released back in 2012.

The limited edition package will be released in November, just before the Halo Infinite release date.

Limited Edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Panel
Loan: Microsoft / 343 Industries


If you’re looking to buy the Xbox Series X soon, pre-ordering a limited edition Halo may be your best bet.

You can find out how to pre-order the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X console below.

In other news, a new leak has revealed every weapon that comes to Halo Infinite. In addition, new screenshots of Halo Infinite Multiplayer maps have appeared on the Internet.

Where to Pre-Order Halo Infinite Xbox Series X – Stock Available

Since its launch in November 2020, the Xbox Series X has been relatively difficult to obtain. Or do we still expect stock issues to continue with the Halo Infinite package due to its very high demand? Some retailers are becoming more active with pre-orders.

You want to be lightning fast when it comes out և pre-order; shares must be sold quickly.

You can also go through our Halo Infinite Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 pre-order guide.

UPDATE – September 7. The manufacturer says that pre-orders for the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X console have now been completed on Amazon և GameStop.

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Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Amazon Listing:

The list of placeholders appeared on Amazon.

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Check for availability below.

Microsoft Store:

Like the PlayStation Direct, the Microsoft Store allows players to purchase Xbox consoles directly from the company that made them.

This was the first major retailer to place pre-orders for the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X on August 25, but they soon ran out.

Check for availability below.


The first wave of pre-orders at Walmart went live on Wednesday, August 25, at 5:30 pm PT / 8:30 pm ET.

Walmart usually issues stocks for high-demand products, so if you do not succeed in the first recruitment, always keep trying.

Check for availability below.

Best Buy:

The product is already included in Best Buy, but pre-orders have not yet been placed.

Check for availability below.


On August 25, pre-orders at Target were launched, but almost immediately exhausted.

Check for availability below.

GAME Great Britain

Pre-orders for the Game were launched on August 26, but expired relatively soon.

Check for availability below.


GameStop pre-orders were launched on August 31,’s likely to have secured one from one of the major retailers.

Check for availability below.

More. The Halo Infinite Xbox Series X is expected to be updated on September 6-12

We will update this article regularly when new panel listings are published.


When can you pre-order a limited edition Xbox Series X Halo Infinite console?

Pre-orders have already started on August 25 in various retail stores, including Microsoft Store, Target և Walmart. You will soon be able to pre-order in more stores.

How much does Halo Infinite Xbox Series X cost?

The console is purchased £ 479.99 GBP or $ 549.99 USD. This is a $ 50 premium compared to the standard Series X.

When is the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Release Date?

The panel will be available on November 15, 2021 – the same day as Halo’s 20th birthday.

What will the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X come with?

The contents of the box will be basically the same as the standard Series X. The only difference is that it will be a console իչի controller redesign with Halo և includes game download.

  • Series X console
  • Wireless controller
  • Ultra High Speed ​​HDMI cable
  • AC power cable
  • Halo Infinite game download


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