Halo Infinite Desync & Shot Registration Connection Issues Addressed by Developers


Developers of Halo Infinite have shared detailed information with upcoming fixes for technical issues such as Desync և Shot Registration.

Undoubtedly, Halo Infinite has had a lot of technical problems lately. Gamers often complain about the many communication issues that hinder the online multiplayer experience.

The feedback was permanent. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case.

Many fans are not very patient և Halo Infinite’s player base has dropped dramatically over time.

However, it seems that the quick response of the developers to these questions has slowed down the reduction of the player base. The latest statistics have been revealed Halo Infinite still beats Call of Duty gamers on Xbox!.

To maintain this transparency, the developers shared their efforts և observations regarding Desync, filming, այլ other communication issues with Halo Infinite in a recent blog post.

Halo Infinite Master Chief Art:

343 Industries Shares Desync այլ Other Communication Problems at Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries shared a huge blog post detailing the connection issues like Desync.

Also, this communication Joint solutions are already being developed to alleviate these problems.

Latency (Shooting / Shooting Elbows)

343 Industries went into great detail to explain why it is extremely difficult to work with procrastination. This explanation refers to two scenarios: shooting at an angle.


The developer announced that they have released a change today to reduce player delays. This update applies to those living in lower population areas.

However, this change may also affect the timing of meetings with those in the affected areas. According to the developer, they will measure the impact և make the necessary adjustments.

Likewise, this update too prevents players from using the geofilterwhich has a negative effect on games.

343 also noted that the development team is working adding RTT (two-way) to the dashboard.

Moreover, Halo Infinite will include visual queues to let players know when their connection is not optimal.

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Melee խնդիրներ shooting registration problems

Just like the delay, 343 explained in detail why sometimes the players’ close-range shots or shots do not hit the target.


The developer promised that the solutions to alleviate this problem are already being worked out. Future updates should address this issue.

For PC gamers, the blog post advises gamers to set the Simulation Quality option to Ultra to reduce shooting problems in Halo Infinite..

He! The developers encouraged players to report game connection issues as often as possible as these reports provide vital information for identifying connectivity issues in Halo Infinite.

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Halo Infinite Multiplayer Gameplay:

Missing Collision և Melee Phasing:

343 Industries explained that this problem is caused by a delay due to the server compensating for the problem.

Moreover, if you are interested, then: Blog post: adds lots of details on how to solve this problem և Desync is created in Halo Infinite.


The Halo Infinite collision system will be upgraded. 343 added that this is a big priority for the team.

In addition, changes to fix delay issues should also alleviate, at least to some extent, missing collisions and confusing phases in Halo Infinite.

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Server / client de-synchronization

This problem is what players usually call Desync. Players have: Has been reporting de-sync issues at Halo Infinite for weeks.

This problem occurs when the player client (game) is constantly being synchronized from the server.

According to 343, the server must detect when a Desync occurs in a typical situation և correct it without the player noticing.

However, persistent Desync occurs when the system fails to detect this phenomenon. When this happens, the de-synchronization is not corrected, causing permanent de-synchronization.


Desync solution in Halo Infinite will be presented in upcoming projects. The developer did not provide an approximate time for this fix.

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Halo Infinite Multiplayer Spartan:


The developer closed the blog post, noting that these are just some of the issues they are working on.

This announcement is great news as players have a lot of complaints about Halo Infinite’s out-of-timing issues. The players are: asking to receive Challenge Swaps outside of Battle Pass.

Also, a lot of players Note that the reported hackers and fraudsters were not banned.

Some time ago, 343 Industries promised a The solution for hackers in Halo Infinite will appear in February. That this is still in progress!

After all, some players Tested Halo Infinite’s SBMM և determined random match complicates ranking games.


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