Cold War Zombies TranZit Remake Leaks In Outbreak Mode


The new leak suggests that Cold War could get a redesign of BO2’s classic TranZit map. New information may confirm that TranZit is the next map to appear in Outbreak mode.

Flash mode is the latest update to Black Ops Cold War, but fans have probably already figured out what to expect from the new open world style Zombie experience.

Gamers who have experienced the glory days of COD Zombies may want to pay attention to this leak, which suggests that the Cold War could get a TranZit remake.

Cold War zombie outbreak mode – new leak

The new release of Cold War Zombies Outbreak mode may reveal what is expected in Season 3. The news comes from a pre-existing leak that circulated before the Cold War.

Leakage has been proven to be reliable by correctly predicting very specific information such as name Firebase Z update նոր New field improvements for the Cold War.

Now, the COD community is reviewing this leak to see what they can find out about the Cold War season 3 update. Interestingly, gamers have noted that the leak suggests a return to the classic Black Ops 2 map.

Cold War outbreak mode - leak
(Source: Activision)

Interestingly, Treyarch has already ridiculed the new content of Black Ops Cold War Zombies, which is coming in Season 3. However, it seems that they keep the rest of their plans to themselves.

Players can note that the outbreak map consists of maps of three active fire teams: Alpine, Ruka և Golova. These are all imported Cold War multiplayer maps, not specifically for zombies.

Treyarch has confirmed that they want to greatly expand the Outbreak game mode, Add new maps built from scratch և designed for the zombie experience.

Moreover, the leak also hinted at Treyarch’s plan for a new Easter Egg mode coming in Season 3. There will be many interesting changes in Outbreak mode in the future.

The community is working hard to exploit why TranZit is ripe for a win-win return. Check out the latest Black Ops Cold War TranZit leak right below!

Cold War zombie outbreak – TranZit map leak

The latest leak of Black Ops Cold War refers to the rather downloadable TranZit map of Black Ops 2. For those who remember, TranZit was an unusual version of the Zombies experience.

A leak that appeared even before the announcement of the Cold War included one key phrase that shed light on what might happen next. It was the phrase under discussion “TranZit will not be there at the start of the Cold War”.

It is very likely that the map will appear, given that the leak was correct about a number of key details. Reviewing the leak, fans have found that the Cold War TranZit remaster may be in development.

COD TranZit:
(Source: Treyarch)

TranZit had a bit of an experience similar to what Blast mode currently offers. Features: Semi-open world style game which can be considered a very early prototype of the outbreak.

Players were able to move to new areas via an symbolic bus, that the map itself was often viewed with disappointment. However, Zombies mode has changed significantly since Black Ops 2.

Given the changes that Outbreak Mode has brought, many believe that Tranzit is ready to return. New: Objectively based Zombies will work perfectly on a TranZit map.

Instead of driving the bus, the players will probably be able to drive the bus themselves as a team. Navigating the soup bus on TranZit can be a fantastic way to unite old and new Zombies players.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies – Season 2 Update

The second season of Black Ops is going well, Out “Outbreak” mode entertains Zombies fans. Fans can probably expect more exciting surprises before the arrival of the third season.

Black Ops Season 2 Reloaded may be detected during another leak. This could add more content to Cold War fans. Be sure to check it out for more information.

Moreover, a new secret of the outbreak of the Cold War has been revealed about the zombie mini-boss. At the same time, the new skin of Samantha Maxis makes many players invisible.

You may be lucky enough to encounter this bug, which gives Cold War Zombies players billions of free Aetherium Crystals. Alternatively, check out our guide to the best way to get the perfect et Aetherium fast.

In other news, another Cold War malfunction was detected, allowing players to carry a Ray Gun և RAI K-84 at the same time. If you are looking for extra firepower, we recommend trying it out.

You can watch the video below on COD Zombies HQ on YouTube for more information on the Cold War Tranzit leak.

(Source: Youtube)

We will keep you posted on any new Black Ops Cold War updates, leaks or rumors. Follow the latest information on Call of Duty titles.


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