Clever Halo Infinite Trick Makes Pulse Carbine Meta


The Covenant weapon is not Halo Infinite’s most famous pistol, but a neat trick can really make Pulse Carbine a meta..

Halo Infinite has a lot of problems at the moment, but few can complain about the feeling of weapons in the game.

The game of weapons is one of its outstanding features with a huge variety of weapons, all of which seem to have time and space.

Well, almost anything, because if there was a weapon that seemed weak, many would suggest the Pulse Carbine, which is hard to kill.

However, a recent trick (or two) has really changed the way many people think about a malicious gun.

The Halo Infinite Plasma Carbine is better than you think

Pulse Carbine is one of the few new weapons in Halo Infinite. Although similar to previous reruns of the game (particularly Covenant Carbine), the Pulse Carbine is a brand new pistol, which at first glance does not look very good.

Pulse Carbine is often flattered by cheating by firing plasma bullets at 5 rounds with significant damage.

Plasma Carbine Drop Weapon Trick Halo Infinite


But it turns out we’ve been using it wrong all along, as the latest release from the Halo Infinite subreddit makes many people look at the gun in a new (plasma-penetrated) light.

“I think I understand how to use a Plasma Carbine…” Reddit user Special_Dragonfruit5 points out that while Pulse Carbine may not deliver the final blow, it can certainly do so much faster. it:

The video shows that by using Pulse Carbine to destroy enemy shields, then quickly switching to other weapons with faster firing speeds, you can achieve an absurdly low kill time (TTK).

The best pistol to convert should be a MA40 assault rifle or a BR75 assault rifle with “RPM” or “stop” power to deliver that final blow.

The comments basically repeated what this Redditor found, և one even suggested a way to make this trick even more effective. By dropping the weapon, instead of changing or storing it, you will exchange weapons even faster.

This last point may not be considered by many Halo fans as the ability to drop weapons has only been added to Halo Infinite.

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If you are interested in how to do it; keep reading

How do you drop a weapon in Halo Infinite?

Now you can think about how to actually drop your weapon in Halo Infinite և you can be forgiven for not knowing how to do it. As the function has not only been added to this game, not even the assigned button is given by default.

We’ll show you how to do this on both PC and Xbox consoles, as they are almost identical.

So, following these steps, you will leave it as if it were hot.

  1. Launch Halo Infinite.
  2. Press “F1” or click on the control panel menu in the lower right corner (this is the screw).
  3. Click “Settings”.
  4. If you use a slider, scroll down to the “On foot” section, find the “Drop the weapon” option. We suggest using the “right” button on the D-Pad, as it is not used in multiplayer.
    This is the same part of the keyboard և mouse, we suggest using the mouse key or “Q” or “E”.

And here you have it.

We suggest you get off the net and learn to drop the weapon, not change it, as it will take some time to build muscle memory.

However, once you lower it, the Plasma Carbine will soon feel like a must-have weapon.

Once you know that, you can look at bigger challenges like completing all the challenges of Cyber ​​Showdown in one day.

Or learn one more trick, this time involving Melee, which allows you to kill enemies faster than they can kill you.


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